Scanners and printers


There are printers placed in most databars. The printers in the building are all installed automatically on the Databar computers. The closest printer is set to be the default.

Only print DTU relevant material on the printers. Do not waste paper. Collect everything you print.

Payprint FAQ - Paid color print in the Printshop

Q) How do I get a print card
A) You can buy a card from the card machine on the left wall in the printshop. The price of the card is 25DKK, although you’ll receive 25 credits on the card to start with.

Q) Where can I put the money on my print card? 
A) You can deposit more money on the print card at these locations. 
Building 101 - Library 
building 116 
building 414 

Q) How can I see how much money I have on my card? 
A) If you want to see how much is left on your card, you can see it if you put the card in a card reader and look in the upper right corner 

Q) How much money can I maximum deposit on the card? 
A) There can be a maximum of 500, - kr. On your print card in total. 

Q) What can I do if I lose my card? 
A) If you lose your card there is nothing to do, the money is on the card NOT in our system. 

Q) Can I get a refund unused money on the card? 
A) No. 

Q) Can I get a receipt for my print or plot? 
A) No we cannot print receipts for Print or plot. 

Q) Where can I see what prints I printed? 
A) You can log in to 

Q) How much for print and plot? 
A) Plot is always usage-based, you are paying for paper and ink consumption. 
Price example: A0 can cost between 15DKK and 60DKK. Depending on color saturation 

Print is based on whether it is in color or black&white 
Size Colour Black&White 
A4 50 øre Free 
A3 1 kr. Free 

REMEMBER if a document contains just one page in color, the entire document is charged as if it was in color 
100 page document in black&white costs 0DKK. 
100 page document with 99 black&white pages and 1 color page costs 50DKK.