Printing from your laptop


To use the databar printers from your laptop you need to:

  • Connect to the wireless network at DTU
  • Connect to \\ (if in Lyngby) or \\ (if in Ballerup) using "Run..." or Windows File Explorer
  • Enter your DTU credentials when asked (username has to be entered like this
  • Find the printer in the list, right click on it and select "Connect..."


Begin by finding and downloading the printer manifacturers driver pack from Apples website.

The latest(6/2/2017) drivers from Apples website for our Ricoh, Xerox and HP printers can be found underneath.
Ricoh Drivers
Xerox Drivers
HP Drivers

To install the printers on a Mac do the following:

  • Connect to the wireless network at DTU
  • Click the Apple icon
  • Select "System Preferences..."
  • Click "Printers & Scanners"
  • Click "+" (the Add button)
  • Select "Add Printer or Scanner..."
  • If the "Advanced" button is missing, add it by doing the following:
    • "CTRL"+"Mouse click" on the area next to the Printer icon, with "Windows" written underneath
    • Choose "Customize Toolbar..."
    • Click and hold down to move the "Advanced" button
    • Move it up next to the "Windows" icon
    • Press "Done"
  • Click the "Advanced" button and set the following:
    • Type: "Windows Printer via spoolss"
    • If in Lyngby URL: smb://[Printername]
    • If in Ballerup URL: smb://[Printername]
    • Name: [Printername]
    • Use: Select Software... (And choose the printer model from the driver pack you downloaded earlier)
    • Click "Add"
  • Click "OK"
  • Test the printer(print a document to the installed printer)
  • Click "Print"
  • When prompted for a username and password. Use the following:
    • Name: []
    • Password: [your_DTU_password]
  • Click "OK"

If you receive a Hold for Authentication error and you haven't recieved a prompt to enter your credentials, try the following.

  • Launch the Keychain Access program.
  • On the left side of the window, make sure login under Keychains and All Items under Category is highlighted.
  • Using the search bar function, search for the word: PRINT
  • Find, and delete the entries related to DTU printers. You can highlight an entry and see what it's used for.

This usually happens when you tick the Remember Password option when authenticating for a printer and you enter the wrong credentials or you recently changed your password.



To Print from Ubuntu to Winbar Printers. Please download this manual guide to set up Printers.

NOTE: If [username] isn't accepted for authenticating the print, try either [username] or win\[username]