Frequentely asked questions

  • How do I learn more about the databars on DTU?

    Read the Databar Guide.


  • Where should I save my files?

    You should save your documents in "My Documents", this folder is placed on your personal M-drive. By doing so, you can access your documents from any Winbar databar computer and even from your laptop (see this guide).

    If you save documents locally on the machine (eg. on the desktop) you will only be able to access it from that machine as long as it has not been reinstalled, which will happen without warning.

    Save all your data in "My Documents" and save your self a lot of trouble.

    The L-drive is the place where Unix- and Linux computers save their data.


  • Which drives are available and what are they?

    • The C-drive is used for the Windows operating system and installed programs. Do not use it for storing your files. The C-drive will be reinstalled without warning.
    • The D-drive can be used for temporary files. Anyone using the computer can access files on the D-drive. Files on the D-drive may be deleted without warning.
    • The M-drive is your personal file storage. The files in "My Documents" are stored here. Files on the M-drive are safe and will not be deleted as long as you have an active account on DTU.
    • The L-drive is the personal file storage from the Unix/Linux system. Files on the L-drive are available on these systems and are safe and will not be deleted as long as you have an active account on DTU. Do not delete the system folders on this drive (folders starting with a dot "." and the folder named "Maildir").
    • The U-drive is where you can share files or see shared files. Files on the U-drive are available for users belonging to the relevant groups: Courses, CampusNet-Groups or DTUBasen groups.


  • Can I Access my files on the M-drive from my Laptop?

    When you are connected to the Wireless network on DTU, your files from the M-drive can be accessed. Go to the Mount M-drive page to see how.


  • How can I gain access to the wireless from my laptop?

    Accessing the Internet is easy. Read about wireless and setup at the Wireless access page.


  • How do I change the Password?

    To change the password go to this website


  • Where can I access a scanner?

    Locations of Multi function Printers Here


  • How can I print from my laptop via the wireless network?

    Printing on the wireless from your laptop can be done by following instructions on the Printing from Laptop page.


  • Where can I print in colors?

    Locations of Multi function Printers Here


  • How do I get access to DTU's Unix systems from the Winbar?

    The Unix servers can be accessed by using Thinlinc or one of the other terminal clients.

    Clients can be found at this path:

    • Desktop -> Installation of programs -> Terminal -> ...


  • I am missing one of the of the programs I need to use in one of my courses. Why is it not installed on the computer?

    In the Winbar there are a lot of programs - over 250! That means, that not all programs can be installed at the same time. If you need a program you can find and install it by looking under:

    • Desktop -> Installation of programs -> ...


    Here you can find the program you want. If you think, that a program is missing, you should talk to your teacher of the course in question to find out if it would be possible to get the program in the Winbar. If the program is freeware and you think, that many others would benefit from having the program in the Winbar, then contact from your student mail account. Remember to write an installation guide and a link to the program.


  • A lot of programs has been installed on the PC, how do I clean it up?

    It is possible to reinstall the PC you are using, follow the Reinstall PC guide.

    Reinstalling will also make it possible to install another version of one of the programs installed on the PC, ie. the old version of Xilinx on a PC with the new version installed (used for certain hardware boards).