Wireless access

DTU Wireless

The wireless network covers most of DTU campus.

If your device has wireless and you are a student at DTU, you can connect to this network.

Under usual circumstances the log on page will appear upon browsing the Internet.

Otherwise you can log on by navigating manually to http://auth.wireless.dtu.dk.


You can avoid the log on page by using Eduroam.

Follow the guide on http://www.gbar.dtu.dk/wiki/eduroam to configure your device for Eduroam.

Eduroam Networks are present at the universities in Denmark and many universities abroad.

"Wireless" network plugs

The blue network plugs are placed in many databars and can be used for laptop cable connection.

You are still required to login through the usual login page: http://auth.wireless.dtu.dk.

All you need to do is bring a network cable of your own.

It is not permitted to use other network plugs than the blue ones.